Great Bike - Built Right - Runs Like the Wind

Engine has done around 4000 km (2500 miles) with 5 oil changes after thorough rebuild. Gearbox has done 1000 km (600 miles) with 3 oil changes after thorough rebuild. Both are thus well run-in and everything works perfectly.

Only quality parts were used for the rebuild: Jim's, Andrews, Rowe, S&S, Flathead Power, Barnett etc, and every job has been done right.

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New Main Bearings
New Rod Bearings
Balanced Crank
New Cylinders
New Pistons
New Valves
New Valve Springs
New Valve Guides
New Cam
New Cam Followers
New Pushrods
Rebuilt Rockers
New Bearings
New Gears
New Shifter Forks

New 1,5" Belt

New Cycle Electric 12V Generator
New Ed's Electronic Ignition
New Electronic Regulator
New 30,000V Andrews Coil or (int+45) 4086 8696