Traditional - Basic Hotrod - The Real Thing

Original Steel body. Sheet metal repaired where necessary; cowl, cab corners, door bottoms. Exposed welds, no filler (it's a hotrod, right?). 

Chopped 3.5". Bed shortened 12". 1956 Ford tail gate. Original 1934 pickup grill

Original dash. Speedo, oil pressure end temp gauges. Floor made from the original pickup bed. Original tank under seat. 

Basic low-profile upholstered plywood seat (not too comfortable, but add a slab of foam and a mexican blanket if you need comfort). No interior finish apart from a couple of pinstripes

1950 Mercury door handles inside, 1934 pickup outside. New windshield, no side- and rear windows (but original rear window frame included). Functional cowl vent and windshield opening

Paint: John Deere Blitz Black + pinstripes

Original 1934 pickup frame.

4" dropped original front axle. Reversed spring. Unsplit 1934 wishbone. 1939 spindles.

1947 Ford rear axle/stays, 3.54 gear. Reversed spring. Vern Tardel rear axle retainers included (good idea for "spirited driving"...).

Brakes: 1948 Ford juice brakes front and rear; new shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, brake lines. Dual master cylinder.

Original 1940 Ford 4 x 16 front wheels with Firestone 5.50 x 16 bias ply. '48 hub caps og trim rings.

Original 1951 Ford 5 x 16 rear wheels with Firestone 6.50 x 16 bias ply. '48 caps/trim rings.

1953 Ford F100 steering box, column and wheel.

Engine: 1950 Ford 8BA 239CI 100HP V8 Flathead (what else?). New water pumps. Holley 94 carb (original on 1950 V8). 1936 Ford air cleaner (not in all the photos). 12V AC generator is about the only thing on the car newer than the '50s.

Gearbox: 1936 3-speed with 1940 synchromesh and gears. Case modified for  10" clutch. 1939 Ford shifter. Closed driveshaft.

Original 1934(?) lamps. Hi/lo, tail- and stoplight.

Imported from Canada, where it was driven from new and later as a hotrod. 

EU import duty and sales tax paid. Canadian title, so it shouldn't be a problem to register it anywhere.

Update: Headers (Red's) and custom exhaust system with classic Smithy's mufflers fitted instead of the drag pipes in most of the pics. Battery also moved to under pickup bed (it was under the floor before, which was a bit of a pain to access). 

Update: Now the emergency brake and second tail light (there were only one on original pickups and other utility models) have been fitted, as well as "inspection fenders" (included, but not in the pix). Next step going for inspection.

What else is there to say? Super cool hotrod that goes well and stops very well. What, if anything, else there is to be done is mainly down to individual taste. Good basis for a traditional rod with your own touch - or drive it as it is.


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"Now, THAT's a hotrod!"

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"I could get used to this!"

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Red's Headers + Smithy's mufflers fitted.

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